Nadia app

Compliance & task management for your medical facility. Currently under trial in Canterbury across a number of hospitals.

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Drive quality & efficiency

Nadia makes it easy for nurses and other staff to complete audits and check-lists all from their mobile device.
Easy task management

See scheduled tasks and complete with score feedback as you go.

Stay connected

News feed within app to distribute communications & resources

Increase completion rates

Get notifications and reminders to ensure tasks are done on time.

Real-time results

See real-time results, track trends, manage tasks & users

"Previously we didn't know the results of our audits for 3 or 4 days. Now we can see it all in real-time and can action any issues immediately"

Roxanne McKerras
Project Manager, Releasing Time to Care Programme

"Our trial clients have reduced audit times from 1 hour down to under 10 minutes"

Harry Hawke
Project Manager

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